Prayer Center


A. Worship

We gather regularly for worship to express our love for God. Relying on the Holy Spirit, we offer Him heartfelt, joyful and reverent worship. In corporate worship we are also nurtured spiritually through prayer and the preaching of God’s word.

The following persons and ministries help facilitate congregational worship:

  • Worship Leaders
  • Music
  • Lord's Supper Servers
  • Sound & Media Ministries
  • Ushering

B. Prayer

Prayer is an expression of our dependence on God. We give high importance to both private and corporate prayer through which we can grow closer to God, avail of His guidance, enabling and provision for every of need.

Below are the ministries for prayer:

  • Weekday Prayer Meetings: (Wednesdays and Fridays)
  • Prayer with the Pastors (after Saturday and Sunday services)
  • Dawn Prayer Meetings (December)
  • Intercession (Prayer Requests can be shared through the Prayer Box and Text Messages and prayed for)
  • Prayer Summit (March)
  • Convention Prayer Meetings: (Quarterly)

C. Evangelism

We aim to share the gospel – the good news of salvation in Christ with wisdom and patience, respecting people’s freedom, depending on the guidance of the Holy Spirit and motivated by love.

  • Each believer shares the gospel to others as the Spirit opens opportunities.
  • The gospel is also proclaimed in corporate worship and fellowship.

D. Missions

Along with evangelism is missions-- a ministry that helps people in their time of need in harmony with the spirit of the gospel.

As God leads and enables, missions carry out the following ministries:

  • Welfare Center (Includes: Medical, dental, eye and skin check-up, free medicine, hospitalization assistance, cataract and glaucoma surgery in partnership with Maharlika Foundation, free reading eye-glasses, free vaccination, mobile laboratory)
  • Community Service (Includes: Feeding ministry for children, Daily Bread distribution to public schools teachers, school supplies distribution, sack of rice for Muslim families during Ramadan, relief assistance to calamity victims)
  • Financial support for field missionaries and church planters
  • Assistance for pastors needing rest and recreation

E. Christian Education

The study and application of the Holy Scriptures enable us to develop Christ-like character and be equipped for service. The ministry of Christian education provides opportunities where we can learn God’s word together.

Ministries under Christian Education include the following:

  • Sunday School (for children, youth and adult)
  • Bible Class (Tuesday evenings)
  • Special Seminars (e. g. Brokenness Seminar, June)
  • School of Ministry (Beginning stage)

F. Pastoral Care

The Christian life is shared life. As fellow members of God’s family we care for each other and carry one another’s burden. We express our oneness in Christ by sharing together in life’s joys and victories and by helping each other in times of grief and difficulties.

Pastoral care includes the following ministries:

  • Benevolence (practical assistance for those with special needs)
  • Visitation (for the purpose of prayer and encouragement)
  • Counseling (provides support, guidance and prayer in times of crisis)
  • Weddings (the church has ministers who can officiate weddings)
  • Dedications (ministers lead dedication services of children, house, or business)
  • Funerals (ministers conduct funeral services for the comfort of the grieving)

G. Administration

The ministry of administration provides supervision of church personnel, coordination of responsibilities and management of resources to facilitate efficient accomplishment of tasks.

The following are under the ministry of administration:

  • Church Personnel
  • Church Building and Facilities
  • Church Properties

H. Specialized Ministries

Provides opportunities for worship, spiritual nurture, prayer and fellowship for different groups sharing common needs and interests.

The current specialized ministries of the church include:

  • Children
  • Youth
  • Young Professionals
  • Young Couples
  • Women
  • Men

I. Ministry of Giving

Financial gifts or offerings are used to support the ministries of the church. We recognize tithing (the giving of 10% of income) as a commendable practice of giving to express joyful thankfulness to God but should not be a legalistic requirement to be imposed on people. The New Testament highlights cheerful, generous and faithful giving that goes even beyond tithing to honor God and contribute toward godly causes. Christian giving is enabled by faith and prompted by love, not by guilt or compulsion.

There are different kinds of offerings:

  • General Fund Offerings (Tithes and Offerings used for general operations and other ministries of the church)
  • Missions Offerings (Offerings designated to support mission ministries. All offerings gathered in the prayer meetings are used for ministries under missions.)
  • Special Offerings (Offerings for specific ministry project)
    • Saturdays @ 5:30pm
    • Sundays @ 7:00am | 10:00am | 4:00pm | 6:30pm
    • Wednesdays @ 6:00am | 6:00pm
    • Fridays @ 6:00pm
    • C. Guzman Street,
      Poblacion District, Davao City,
      8000 Davao del Sur
    • (082) 282-1568; 285-4102